CFL rebrands to Biobase Sweden

In 2022, we will increase our scope of products and offerings and open up to new markets.
With this expansion, we need to clarify our position as a Swedish bio-based products manufacturer with high quality and performance on our functional fluids.

Biobase logo displayed
After a lengthy and exhaustive name search, together with Branding & Design consultant Anton Fouquet, we finally settled on a logical, and specific name that defines us, what we do, and our offerings perfectly!

Biobase Sweden AB

With our new clear name, we built a brand that illustrates our green credentials and global market. We are extending sales into Europe and globally, making the most of our Swedish-technology advantage. Therefore, we carry the Swedish domain suffix ‘.se’ and proudly display this in our logo.

Included in the rebrand is a full website redesign showing a more visually cohesive language and perspective.

Anton Fouquet will also assist with our product range packaging – Coming soon!



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