Innovative bio-based technologies

We actively develop our bio-based ideas into technologies from which we derive our products.

We combine existing bio-based chemical streams into new innovative industrial solutions.

There are presently two patent portfolios, with more to come.

LOWTIX Technology

Low Temperature Mix

LOWTIX is a unique liquid technology, based on renewable raw materials, with extremely good low temperature properties especially suited for heat transfer applications.

A heat transfer product called RECO (Renewable Coolant) based on the LOWTIX technology is under development. We expect the product to be very useful as a bio-based and non-toxic alternative to ethylene glycol/water-based products especially for use in sensitive environments and the food industry.

A Swedish patent application was filed in 2020 which was followed up by an international application in 2021.

REMICS Technology

Renewable Micro Emulsion System

REMICS is nanotechnology in disguise. The nano-sized structures which spontaneously form from the components of REMICS are not described at all in the scientific and technical literature but are probably similar to the structures of cell membranes in living organisms. These microemulsions show physical behavior which is completely new and unique. The technology therefore offers possibilities for new technical solutions in both established application areas and in areas new to the traditional lubricant industry.

We see applications in lubricants, corrosion protection, rubber/leather surface treatment, waterproofing in construction, sustainable packaging solutions and wood treatment.

A Swedish patent application was filed in 2020, which was followed up by an international application in 2021.

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