Introducing BIO-REEF 55/10, a versatile renewable base oil

Biobase Sweden is proud to introduce BIO-REEF 55/10, a versatile renewable base oil within our Base Fluids segment. 
BIO-REEF 55/10 is engineered from a blend of bio-based and re-refined components, offering performance characteristics comparable to API Group III base oils, enhanced by superior solvent power typical of naphthenic base oils. 
This product features a high viscosity index (VI), a low pour point, and low volatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Features include:

  • Viscosity 10 cS t@ 100°C
  • VI 171, pour point -50°C
  • Saves ca. 50% CO2 footprint compared to virgin mineral oil
  • Recycled content > 45%
  • Bio-based content ≥ 50%

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