BIO-BASE the missing link

One of the challenges that comes with highly refined mineral oils and synthetic base stocks is the lack of solvent power. This property plays a vital role in compatibility and mixability with other base stocks, formulation components, additives, and seal materials. A relatively high solvent power also contributes to the increased ability of the base stock to dissolve and disperse any impurities and degradation products throughout the lifetime of a lubricant.

Solvent power can be characterized by a variety of methods, probably the most widely used one in the industry is known as aniline point. It is a measure of the polarity of the base stock, hence indicating the relative solvent power. Aniline point is inversely proportional to solvent power; an increased aniline point corresponds to decreased polarity and consequently a lower solvent power. A versatile base stock must have an optimal aniline point to suit a wide variety of applications. Until now the only solution for the industry was the use of naphthenic base stocks.

Now, BIO-BASE is setting a new standard and going a step further with its optimized solvent power and true green profile. Miscible with all types of base stocks; mineral, synthetic, and natural. Compatible with a number of elastomers and seal materials e.g.: NR, NBR, SBR, CR, FPM, FEP, PTFE. Easily dissolves and disperses most antioxidants and additives. Helps keep machinery and moving parts clean of deposits. Fully biobased with a negative carbon footprint.
This makes BIO-BASE the optimal choice for applications where solvent power matters.


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