Industrial Fluids - Concrete

Our products for the Concrete industry include solutions for concrete casting

The bio-based FOMO-series has been developed for the future to meet the demands on environmental friendliness and independence of fossil resources. The products are odorless and gives an excellent surface finish without discolorations.

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FOMO series.

A bio-based form oil with exceptional low-temperature properties, functional down to -25°C


A bio-based form oil with lower viscosity, that is optimal for concrete trucks and for casting down to -10°C


A medium-viscosity bio-based form oil, that acts as an all-round product for most castings, functional down to -5°C


Especially suitable for forms of porous materials such as wood and plywood and for vertical application.
The product is recommended for temperatures above +5°C

A unique bio-based cleaning agent that effectively removes concrete residues from forms, vehicles, tools and other equipment